What’s new in the Hand Engine v1.1.0 experimental release?

Hand Engine hand mocap software by StretchSense.

Release date: 12 February 2021

Hand Engine V1.1.0 experimental release is now available and it comes with a number of exciting new features and enhancements.

The feature garnering the most attention in the mocap community is Express Mode, which allows users to set up the glove in a matter of seconds.

“All you do is put our glove on and wiggle your fingers through their range of motion. Hand Engine will do all of the calibration work,” says StretchSense CTO Todd Gisby.

“This is just the beginning. As the underlying model expands and becomes more sophisticated, Express Mode is just going to continually get better. We won’t stop until our gloves work perfectly on every hand with no setup required.”

This is a huge step forward towards hi-fidelity hand capture that takes seconds to set up, even for someone who has never used our gloves before.

Vicon, FBX, improved CPU usage…

The software team hasn’t just settled on developing Express Mode. Here are some of the great features bundled into this release:

  • Vicon integration: synchronize your hand capture with timecode from your Vicon system using Vicon Datastream
  • Save to FBX: Automatically save directly to FBX files whenever you record a take in Hand Engine
  • Improved Hybrid Mode: define key artistic poses you want to hit with rock-solid stability and then use Blend Mode for a natural, fluid motion for everything in between
  • No more overclocking: we’ve reduced the CPU resources required at runtime by Hand Engine by 80%
  • Now with Network Input: Connect your gloves to your performer’s on-body PC using a lightweight app that broadcasts the glove data over your wireless network to a PC running Hand Engine on side of the stage

How to access it

Current users of Hand Engine can find the experimental release in the Software licenses section of their StretchSense account.

For everyone else, get in touch if you want to see a live demo or arrange for a hands-on trial, just get in quick!

As with every experimental build there may be some bugs, but we have already squashed the big ones.

We are keen for you to start using RC2 and look forward to your feedback.

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