Hand Engine 3 – Goodbye paddle hands

Hand Engine 3 represents a new era in the democratization of motion capture. The first professional hand motion capture solution to make capturing hand data for all your performers accessible to everyone. With Hand Engine 3, studios can capture up to six performers at once using any combination of Pro Fidelity ($6,995) and Pro Studio ($2,795) gloves. Keyframing background character hand content and copy and pasting crowd scenes can be things of the past with motion capture stages now able to capture hero characters and background characters together.

StretchSense has been at the heart of some of 2023’s biggest success stories, including game of the year Baldur’s Gate 3, because it allows studios to produce content at speed and scale production. In 2024, with Hand Engine 3 and using StretchSense’s Motive, MVN or QTM integrations, character content production has never been so fast.


Even faster setup times

Hand Engine 3 also accelerates shoot days.  New guided calibrations walk the performer through the calibration process making sure even performers new to mocap get great calibrations first time. The outcome for mocap stage technicians is better data and a faster process.  You can see for yourself by watching our quick start videos below, which includes a run through of the new guided calibration process for each glove.

See Pro Fidelity Guided Calibration in Action

See Pro Studio Guided Calibration in Action

More accurate hand data

And last but not least, Hand Engine 3 also includes a performance boost for Pro Fidelity gloves.  Changes to the way the system works under the hood provide a jump in accuracy and realism.  The motion capture industry’s most stunt and action ready gloves now boast even more accurate hand data.

StretchSense Pro Fidelity and Studio Glove customers can download Hand Engine 3 from their StretchSense accounts today to enjoy all the benefits Hand Engine 3 has to offer. 

If you’re not yet a customer and would like to know more, you can book a demo below.

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