StretchSense Studio Line Now Shipping

Best Mocap Gloves

The Studio Line gloves are now shipping!

Starting at $795, these gloves are tailored for animators and streamers – blending durability, performance, and affordability.

Create without Compromise

Powered by our cutting-edge stretch sensor technology, these gloves excel in demanding motion capture setups. Boasting seamless multi-performer capture, and ensures uninterrupted data collection.

Designed for all-day use, Studio Gloves offer marker-free setup, a robust wireless connection up to 50ft, and easy care.

Features Included:

  • Studio Glove ($795): Integrates with Unreal and Unity, perfect for live streaming and content creation.
  • Pro Studio Glove ($2,745): Seamlessly integrates into professional animation pipelines with enhanced performer management.
Seize the moment and buy now!

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