StretchSense Hand Engine 2.0: Coming Soon in 2022 

Hand Engine 2-0 Coming Soon

Major release promises speed and simplicity at your fingertips.

We’re excited to announce the first new major update to our software Hand Engine. Version 2.0 is coming soon, and promises an improved user interface, designed with feedback from our customers.  

Hand Engine 2-0 Simple Workflow


A simple workflow aimed at streamlining your motion capture on shoot day.

With our spectacularly simple workflow, you’ll be recording data within just 60 seconds of turning on your glove. Add a performer, connect the gloves, and start calibrating.

Hand Engine 2-0 New Interface

New interface

See the most important data at a glance.

Our new interface allows you to review the motion data of up to six performers at once, sample rates, battery status and other key information at a glance – making diagnostics quick and easy.

Request a demo so we can show you the benefits our solution, customized to your specific requirements.

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