Use hands as a creative weapon.

Use hands as a creative weapon
Use hands as a creative weapon

Hand Engine update 1.5.0

We’re all about speed, so when people say it’s not how often you fall but how fast you get up, we get out our stopwatch.  

With this release we’re announcing two new features that turn problems into dust trails.  Batch file exports means you’ll get more of your life back because you can bulk export back up data.

And our new preview feature is the ability to fine tune Express Calibration results, so you can adjust and improve accuracy, rather than recalibrating from scratch.   

Of course, what would a StretchSense release be without a jump in Express Calibration performance?  In this release, there are improvements across the board, with the stand-out gain coming from the thumb.  Enjoy! 

Notes: we strongly encourage you to run updates regularly so you get the best possible results from our system. Calibration data and performer profiles will be retained. 

Key features of this new release

Batch process files with StretchSense

Batch file backup and the power of parallel 

Hand Engine’s new bulk export feature allows you to convert raw take data, such as that stored on the SD card on the glove, and bulk convert it from .CSV to .FBX file format for export. 

Because this feature changes the database and file structure within Hand Engine, batch processing will require a firmware update to gloves and dongles and will only work with files recorded in Hand Engine 1.5.0 or later. You can find the install files for 1.5.0 and firmware updates by logging into your account and then navigating to the Downloads section.

We’re committed to helping you create content fast.  Building robust solutions with built-in speedy redundancy is our way of making awesome mole hills out of tiresome mountains. 

For more information on using batch export please visit our Knowledge Base. 

Fine tune express calibration

Express calibration tuning (preview feature)

Express calibration performance is up across the board, with our internal testing showing a whopping 25% data performance gain. 

Hand Engine 1.5 includes a new preview feature for you to explore: Express Calibration tuning. Until now, you could improve your calibration results by layering new poses over a Performance Calibration using Hybrid Mode. This new beta feature allows you to do the same with Express Calibrations, which is a lot faster.

Capture poses that represent what you’d like to see in your initial calibration and, when in Hybrid Mode, check the Captured Poses boxes for ‘Express Pose’ and the poses you’re adding.  

Full Release Notes

Check out the full Release Notes on the Changelog page.

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