The Hand Engine Experimental Release Program

Thumbs up hand pose in Hand

We are excited to announce that future experimental releases of Hand Engine will be available to all our users.

These release candidates will incorporate new features that will make a significant improvement to overall user experience, and current Hand Engine users will be granted early access so they get to have their say about it’s final implementation.

“We want to get them into users’ hands as early as possible in order to get their feedback,” says StretchSense CTO Todd Gisby.

“There may still be a few bugs, but we’ve set it up so you can run a release candidate on the same machine as the stable version and use the same license key — just don’t try and run both at the same time!”

The first release candidate (v1.1.0-RC1) will be available soon, complete with the following features:

  • Record directly to FBX in Hand Engine.
  • Introducing Hybrid Pose/Blend Mode:
    Select which of your calibration poses are used for Pose Detection Mode, Blend Mode, or both so you can nail the perfect key frame for critical hand poses while retaining smooth, high fidelity hand animation for everything else. Read more about Hybrid Mode.

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Current Hand Engine user? Want to try a Release Candidate? Get in touch with us.

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