StretchSense Hand Engine 2.0.0 Released 

Hand Engine 2-0 New Interface

Our first major upgrade to Hand Engine comes with a long list of enhancements.

Hand Engine 2.0.0 includes an improved user interface, support for our brand new MoCap Pro glove – the Fidelity, and new stage controls for managing performers.  

Hand Engine 2-0 New Interface

New user interface

Monitor up to six performers at once.

Our new interface allows you to review the motion data of up to six performers at once,  as well as view sample rates, battery status and other key information in one place, making diagnostics quick and easy.

Hand Engine 2-0 Simple Workflow

Streamlined workflow

New interface made for the stage.

Workflows are streamlined with activities grouped into three distinct views:

  1. Stage View
  2. Focused Performer View, and
  3. Advanced Calibration View

This new information architecture will enable you to get setup even faster than before, with our Express Calibration feature at its core.

Hand Engine 2-0 Coming Soon

Full release notes

For detailed information, view our comprehensive release notes.

Our Hand Engine 2.0.0 release notes cover the following topics:

  • MoCap Pro Fidelity glove support
  • New stage controls
  • New performer management tools
  • Enhanced calibration
  • Simplified connectivity
  • Improved remapping, pose editing, diagnostics
  • Defining trigger source (Vicon, OptiTrack, Xsens, or Qualisys)
  • Fixes for remote triggering
  • Better trigger port management
  • Improvements to batch processing

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