A new era in motion capture: A glove for every need.

Until now, only top motion capture studios could afford high-quality hand capture, leaving others limited by the price. StretchSense welcomes you to the new era of motion capture.

Today we announce two new motion capture gloves priced at $795 and $2,745. Now, premium hand capture is within reach for everyone, from professionals expanding cinematic storytelling possibilities to passionate enthusiasts honing their skills. These gloves provide a no-compromise hand solution that caters to all needs and budgets.

Create without Compromise

At StretchSense, we understand that performance, comfort, and cost-effectiveness are non-negotiable factors in motion capture technology. These gloves seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with a lightweight, flexible fabric, ensuring they feel like a natural extension of your hands.

Our new gloves live up to the high standards our customers expect from StretchSense. These gloves are built to withstand the demands of busy motion capture stages, including the impact of props and rigorous movements on set. 

The Lineup: a glove for every need and budget

MoCap Studio $795: Premium Performance without the Price Tag

Elevate your live streaming and content creation with the Studio Glove. Combining lifelike movement with a comfortable fit, this glove is tailored for YouTubers, Twitch streamers, live performers, and indie content creators. Create captivating content that engages your audience and sets you apart.

Click to see the MoCap Studio Glove.

MoCap Pro Studio $2,745: Affordable Excellence that Integrates into Your Pipeline

Unleash your creativity with the Pro Studio Glove. Designed for long animation sessions and action-packed shoots, this glove offers premium performance at an affordable price. With 16 sensors and features that streamline your workflow, the Pro Studio Glove is your gateway to animation excellence.

Click to see the MoCap Pro Studio.

MoCap Pro Fidelity $6995: Unparalleled Performance without Boundaries

Experience the pinnacle of hand motion capture with our Pro Fidelity Glove. Equipped with 26 sensors that offer complete coverage, immerse yourself in a world of precise measurement and lifelike finger movement. Designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, the Pro Fidelity Glove allows performers to fully immerse themselves in motion capture sessions. It is the ultimate no-compromise hand motion capture solution.

Click to see the MoCap Pro Fidelity.

Hygiene meets Convenience: Washable Gloves

We understand that hygiene is paramount, especially during extended use. That’s why all StretchSense Motion Capture gloves; the Pro Fidelity, Pro Studio, and Studio models, are washable. With easy care and maintenance, you can focus on what truly matters. 

Unlock the Future with StretchSense Motion Capture Gloves

Don’t compromise on your creative vision. Elevate your motion capture experiences with StretchSense’s revolutionary gloves. From professionals pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling to passionate enthusiasts perfecting their craft, our gloves empower you to create without compromise. Unleash your imagination and embark on a new era of motion capture with StretchSense. Your journey starts here.

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