StretchSense joins Epic Games, DNEG and other industry heavyweights at Unreal Pick and Mix

Unreal Pick and Mix event.

StretchSense is excited to announce it will be joining Epic Games, DNEG and other industry heavyweights at Unreal Pick and Mix, an online suite of workshops for freelancers and media professionals taking place 15-26 March GMT.

Hosted by Escape Studios, ScreenSkills, and Epic Games this week in the United Kingdom, Unreal Pick and Mix was developed as a way of preparing the film and television industry for eventual growth after the time of lockdown.

“As a result of the ongoing pandemic, hundreds of talented production professionals are unable to work, so our objective is to prepare the industry for eventual growth when restrictions are lifted and promote new ways of working safely,” says Escape Studios deputy dean Saint Walker.

“We want to ensure that skills in Unreal Engine and real-time production are spread across the UK, to help fuel the UK’s media industries and the individuals who work in it.

We’re extremely grateful to ScreenSkills for supporting this program, which will benefit industry professionals around the UK, particularly in regions where there are fewer opportunities for this kind of training.”

StretchSense at “Meet the Experts”

The final day of the event is dedicated to “Meet the Experts” sessions and will feature a demonstration from StretchSense Motion Capture Solutions Architect CJ Markham.

CJ will demonstrate the StretchSense hand and finger mocap solution, and how pose detection can be used to create highly accurate real-time special FX for your project and for better-developed pre-visualization.

Join CJ to learn how animators can achieve high-quality hand motion capture that requires only minimal cleanup, meaning you spend less time on “janitorial” keyframing and more on the fun stuff.

CJ Markham, StretchSense Motion Capture Solutions Architect.

CJ Markham, StretchSense Motion Capture Solutions Architect.

Industry-level experience with Unreal Engine

The fortnight curriculum gives learners unfamiliar with the Unreal Engine the fundamentals and an experience of teamwork that will allow them to progress independently and hit the ground running.

Learners can take a range of options from two-day basics, to the whole two weeks depending on their needs.

Themes go from real-time fundamentals and scene building, Environments, Lighting, through to FX and integration with Unreal and Houdini before a final week of adding detail and drama.

Unreal Pick and Mix is presented by Escape Studios, ScreenSkills and Epic Games

  • Escape Studios, the UK’s only Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center, is now looking to assist smaller companies, sole traders and freelancers with Unreal Engine skills across the globe.
  • ScreenSkills is the industry-led skills body for the UK’s screen industries and this programme at Escape Studios is supported by their Film and High-end TV Skills Funds with contributions from UK productions
  • Escape Studios worked with Epic Games on designing a flexible online curriculum. A range of renowned guest practitioners are arranged to teach and inspire learners who it is hoped will come from production and post-production sectors as well as animation, VFX and graphics.

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