StretchSense announces price change for the MoCap Pro Fidelity

Get the best hand mocap solution for less

Since the launch of the MoCap Pro Fidelity, we have been wowed by the continuous stream of positive feedback we’ve received from customers, and we have also been listening to the feedback about our subscription pricing model. We are delighted to announce a new subscription optional pricing model with a lower starting price.

No more software subscriptions - optional support and updates

From June 1st, 2023, StretchSense glove purchases will come with a perpetual Hand Engine software license with one year of software updates and premium support. Further years of updates and premium support can be purchased as an option.

Gloves purchased before June 1st, 2023, will remain on their existing contract until their current software subscription expires. At this point a customer can attain a perpetual software license by buying a one-year premium support and software upgrade package. If you choose not to renew your Hand Engine updates and premium support subscription at the end of that year, you will still have a perpetual license for the Hand Engine versions that were available at the time your support contract lapsed. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or contact

What’s the difference between premium support and standard support?

StretchSense is renowned for delivering first-class, hands-on support services for its customers. If you need help, we’re there. While many customers enjoy the quality-of-service StretchSense provide, not everyone needs top tier support, so our new model provides customers with choice.

  • Standard support customers will have access to the StretchSense Knowledge-Base and tutorial videos with standard warranty terms.
  • Premium support entitles customers to everything in standard support as well as 24/7 access to the StretchSense support team, with hands-on one-on-one support. Premium Support is recommended for anyone that requires an urgent response when they have questions.

A new price for the MoCap Pro Fidelity - $6,995

This new pricing model allows more studios to get creative with hands, giving content creators the speed to produce amazing hand content quickly, raising the bar for character content. And with technology that was designed for all day shoots with action packed scenes, there are no limits to what creators can do with StretchSense.

StretchSense MoCap Pro Fidelity gloves will now be $6,995, including a perpetual Hand Engine license, one year of software updates and premium support. Additional years of support can be purchased for $1,490 per year.

The end of the SuperSplay era

With this news comes the decision to no longer sell the MoCap Pro SuperSplay. The SuperSplay has been helping studios create lifelike content since 2020 but the new pricing model for the Fidelity leaves little space for the SuperSplay.

For SuperSplay customers, the glove will continue to be supported by StretchSense. There will be no further performance upgrades available for the SuperSplay however future versions of Hand Engine will include SuperSplay compatibility and support. For those customers who have questions or would like to discuss the upgrade paths available, please contact 

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