Vicon automates StretchSense retargeting in Shogun Post

Vicon and Stretchsense integration

In transformative news for Vicon and StretchSense customers, what used to involve several manual steps for every take, such as lining up the timecode or baking the data onto the character, can now be automated into a simple process thanks to a single script found in the Shogun scripts folder.

Now, regardless of the number of takes or how many performers you’re capturing, you can merge hand and body data easily and reliably, freeing up valuable time.

Vicon have released customizable scripts for importing StretchSense data in Shogun Post 1.8.

Taking advantage of the Vicon timecode synchronization and FBX files available from StretchSense, Vicon scripts take the work out of workflow and make retargeting your hand data to Vicon in post a two or three click job.

In direct response to customer demand, Vicon and StretchSense engineering teams have been working closely to create a faster and more integrated retargeting workflow. This is a testament to both companies’ commitment to the needs of customers and the market demand for a strong Vicon and StretchSense partnership.

The new Vicon workflow is simple and easy, as you can see in this short tutorial video explaining the workflow.

It’s been a big June

For StretchSense customers, this has been another exciting month. With the launch of the MoCap Pro Fidelity glove, announcement of Hand Engine 2.0 and now improved integration with Vicon, the quality of your hand data went up, complexity went down and the whole process just got faster.

Happy mocap, happy animator, happy audience.

As always, if you have questions, we have answers and are happy to help.


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