Announcing the new MoCap Pro Fidelity glove

MoCap Pro Fidelity gloves

Our MoCap Pro SuperSplay glove changed hand content creation. Smooth FCurves straight from the glove meant there was next to no hand data clean-up and keyframing effort was dramatically reduced.

Marking a new paradigm in motion capture for game and VFX studios, we are excited to bring to you the latest in hand tracking technology, our MoCap Pro Fidelity glove.

MoCap Pro Fidelity glove front 4x5

World’s best hand motion capture solution that measures movement directly from finger joints

By measuring all finger joint movement at source, the MoCap Pro Fidelity captures the lifelike nature of the performer’s movement in data. Instead of estimating what’s happening at the finger joints and losing some of the nuance of the performer’s movement, the MoCap Pro Fidelity has a sensor for every finger and thumb joint on the hand. With the Fidelity, you don’t guess, you measure. 

sensors on hand

More sensors for a more lifelike result

With sensors measuring the whole hand directly from the joints and sensor technology that requires next to no clean-up, the lifelike nature of the performer’s movement is captured in data, keeping it real and natural even prior to clean-up.

MoCap Pro Fidelity palm grip

Mocap for all environments

The Fidelity was designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of mocap and animation teams alike. From a market leading 65ft / 20m Bluetooth range, to the ability to use the gloves while charging, the StretchSense Fidelity solution was built for the rigors of big stages and the comfort of desktop capture.

Fidelity stretch sensor

Full Features

  • 26 stretch sensors
  • Expanded 65ft / 20m Bluetooth range
  • You can now use glove while it’s charging
  • New battery status indicator
  • Wrist band removed
  • Less fabric at fingertips
  • Rubberized palm grip has new design
  • New grip pad s at fingertips
  • 64GB SD card with every glove
MoCap Pro Fidelity glove heart 4x5

Experience the MoCap Pro Fidelity

Listening to your feedback, our engineers have designed a brand-new glove that will enable you to achieve a new level of realism in character animation.

Combined with the power of our Hand Engine 2.0 software, our solution reduces the need for keyframing in postproduction, restoring the luxury of time for crafting the final result.

Outperform competitors 

Let your animators shine by freeing them from what we refer to as “janitorial keyframing”. Gear up for the metaverse, then reinvent what it looks like, and what it feels like, with the embodied reality you can only achieve with StretchSense.

MoCap Pro Fidelity glove fist bump

What happens to the SuperSplay glove?

We are excited to announce that we will continue to offer the MoCap Pro SuperSplay for those customers who don’t need the features and capabilities of the new Fidelity that sets it apart in the mocap industry.

With two gloves, we can offer more choice to more customers. You can now decide which glove and Hand Engine pricing model best fits your needs. 

See a comparison of the MoCap Pro SuperSplay and MoCap Pro Fidelity

Download the brochure (PDF 16MB)

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