Mindshow Case Study – A Whole New World

Mindshow and StretchSense

VR has so much creative potential to be explored, and our friends at Mindshow know that better than anyone. By utilizing motion capture (mocap) technology like the StretchSense gloves alongside an immersive VR toolkit, they are revolutionizing the approach of 3D animation and having a blast while doing it.

“We just are really excited to partner with companies like StretchSense that are excited to share their technology with us as we develop together to create this new form of animation.”

Grace Buehler – Mindshow Chief of Staff

Mindshow’s technology started – like all the best things in life – as a game. The idea was to create an app for VR where anyone could just hop in and bring their ideas to life through animation. Essentially, Mindshow created a virtual stage where creators could collaborate in real time.

For years, one of the biggest advantages traditional directors and production teams had over their animated counterparts was the ability to be inside the world they were shooting. They could experience every aspect of the world they were creating because, well, they were in it too – just slightly out of shot. But for animation teams, the screen was all they had.

Until now.

As it turns out, being able to go inside the animation you were working on wasn’t just a great idea, it was game changing. Mindshow’s immersive process makes the animation process quicker, combining storyboarding and animatics of standard animation into one single process inside VR. The lifelike real time data that StretchSense gloves provide plays a big part in this, adding value to the team’s hand-capture expressions and style.

“In working with brands and creating animations, we need to be consistent with our vision, and that means consistent results from what we’re using. And with StretchSense, we’ve been able to get those results and rely on the tech to give us what we need in terms of capturing hand data and showing that to clients and being proud of the work we create.”

Ace Ehlman – Creative Producer at Mindshow

Ace, Chief Buehler, and the Mindshow team quickly figured out they had an amazing pro tool and transformed themselves from an app-based company into a 3D animation studio, using VR and mocap technology to make animation for Netflix (A Storybots Space Adventure) and Mattel (Enchantimals). I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re looking forward to seeing what they make next!

As for us at StretchSense, we’re proud to be along for the ride, helping produce the best performances with unreal ease and quality data. That’s two thumbs up from the hand guys.

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