Cargo, the live virtual performance featuring StretchSense gloves

OnPoint Studios CARGO setup in Unreal Engine.

OnPoint Studios in Berlin, Germany are developing a project to fuse motion capture technologies, including our hand motion capture solution, with Unreal Engine to deliver a new generation of theatre.

CARGO is a virtual production showcase OnPoint is using to improve the methods and workflows they use in their client projects.

The 5-minute CG short story, which will be live-streamed later this year, is also a way for the studio to highlight their expertise.

The story revolves around Ally — a space zoologist traversing the galaxy cataloging and experimenting with unknown species.

Ally is fully performance captured in a live Unreal Engine scene.  This enabled the team to treat the performer as a game character — where they can employ colliders and dynamic events as she interacts with the virtual world.

Head of Studio at OnPoint, Niklas Bothe, says they aren’t trying to create a new medium.

“It’s more of a vehicle to drive progress and explore new ways of creating content; to make it possible for creatives on set to be immersed in their own words that they crafted and to be able to produce content in this way.”

CARGO was featured on the 26 February 2021 edition of Inside Unreal — a YouTube series by Unreal Engine to showcase its creators. 

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