Use cases

StretchSense use cases

Accelerate your pipeline in pre-prod, production and post

A high value solution for every stage in your pipeline, whatever your pipeline. From mocap to deskcap, StretchSense gloves are a flexible hand solution that delivers quality hand data at speed whatever your use case.

Large stage capture without limits

Enjoy quality hand capture without the constraints of cameras and the burden of clean-up.

With sub-1-minute per performer calibrations and a Bluetooth range for even the largest stage, there’s no limit to what you can do with StretchSense.

Remote capture anywhere

Don’t be limited by stage access, with StretchSense gloves you can capture hand motion anywhere.  

Wherever you are, all you need is our gloves and a computer.

Set keyframes

Faster and more flexible than a pose library, animators can capture and create new keyframe poses without the endless monotony of adjusting every bone.

Put on the gloves, form a pose and set keyframes on a character’s hand instantly, available for Maya or MotionBuilder.  

Rapid pose library creation

When your library doesn’t have the pose you need, you’re stuck in slow mode.  

Work fast with StretchSense deskcap by quickly prototyping and creating new poses. 

Hand dubbing in post

Record new hand data from the comfort of your desk, stage free.  

Animators can puppeteer along to body data played at half the speed, live streaming into Motion Builder or retargeting to the body in your animation platform of choice later.

“Working with the StretchSense gloves over the last year has been an amazing experience and using the gloves for deskcap has significantly boosted our studio’s capabilities when it comes to hand animation. The capture quality and ease-of-use enabled us to get fast results.”
Niklas Bothe, Head of Motion Capture
OnPoint Studios

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